Monday, October 6, 2014

Cara setting TL-WA5110G/TL-WA5210G sebagai penguat sinyal (repeater)
Perhatian : TL-WA5110G /TL-WA5210G hanya support sistem keamanan WEP dengan mode Repeater/Universal Repeater.

Information of Root Router:
  • LAN IP:
  • SSID: TP-LINK-test
  • Encryption Type: WEP Open Hexadecimal
  • Passphrase: 0123456789
Karena fungsi DHCP pada TL-WA5110G /TL-WA5210G secara default adalah mati(disabled), maka kita perlu melakukan setting IP secara manual. Setting IP : 192.168.1.x pada komputer untuk bisa terhubung dengan IP default ( milik AP.
kemudian hubungkan AP dengan komputer menggunakan kabel Ethernet.
Configuration on Device (TL-WA5110G / TL-WA5210G):

1. Login to the Repeater’s management page.
Click Operation Mode, select AP mode and click Save.
In the address bar of the web browser, type in the IP address of the repeater (default is and press Enter.
Type in the Username and Password (default is admin).
2.  Click Operation Mode, select AP mode and click Save.
3.   Click Wireless -> Wireless Mode. Select Universal Repeater as the Wireless Mode. Then click Survey.(If the Root Router supports WDS, you can select Repeater as Wireless Mode.)
4.   Find the Root Router’s SSID on the AP List, and then click Connect.
5.   Click Save.
If you can see the following picture, please wait until it refreshes back to the Status page.
6.    Do the same Wireless Security Settings as your Root Router.
At Repeater/Universal Repeater mode, TL-WA5110G /TL-WA5210G can only support WEP as security type. And if your Root Router´s wireless network is secured, please make sure that the security type is WEP.
In our example, the Root Router is WEP secured.
Click Wireless ->Security settings.
Select WEP, and set the same TypeKey Format and Key Type as the Root Router.
Then put in the same password “0123456789”.
Click Save.
7. Click System Tools->Reboot->Reboot to restart the device.

After you go through all the above steps, the Repeater should be working properly with the Root Router.
After you finish the settings, please change the Local Area Connection IP address setting for your computer back to the default.

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  1. Yth admin
    setelah 5210G disetting sbg universal repeater kemudian apakah kabel lan dari 5210G harus terpasang juga di port modem?


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